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Afflix Finance

We are a Financial Technology company leveraging technology to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering financial services in emerging markets. We provide a highly scalable Fintech Microservice Ecosystem

Marketplace Lending as a Service

Kwigira is a suite of Financial Products that brings together loan originators (saccos and cooperatives), their borrowers and exposes them to a portfolio of loan products offered by our Banks and other Institutional Investors

Afflix Micro -Lending Ecosystem as a Service

Afflix serves as an Financial Technology infrastructure provider for Loan Originators

For originators ( Banks)

01Afflix Platform offers an MPLAAS platform that enables balance sheet lenders sell originated loans

02Access to a portfolio/market of potential borrowers and savers with reduced risk return characteristics

03Option to onboard the Afflix user portfolio as customers and savers on Banks

04Simplified IT integration to the Afflix

05Real time portfolio borrower pooling & credit

06Advanced credit risk analysis with Afflix Machine Learning algorithms

07Automated transaction processing & intelligent

08Continuous due diligence, independent scoring and assessment

For Saccos and Cooperatives

Afflix and Cooperative Partners shall have a revenue share agreement that allows cooperatives to make additional income from Kwigira Financial Services offered to their respective members Other Value Proposition

01Members access easy, quick and affordable loan products offered on the Kwigira Platform

02Improved customer customer experience for members of the cooperative with new services on the Kwigira

03Real time portfolio borrower pooling & credit scoring
of members

04Advanced credit risk analysis with Afflix Machine
Learning algorithms

05Automated transaction processing & intelligent

06Continuous due diligence, independent scoring and

For Borrowers

Savings and Loans

Afflix provides a platform to solve complexities of offering financial services savings and credit at scale to people with low income. Us+ is a digital platform with focus on peer-to-peer savings and credit within networks of users

For Banks

01Access to a large portfolio on informal savings groups

02New channel for deposits from the over 100,000 savings groups in Rwanda

03Access to Afflix’s network of Agents as a last mile connectionto users in the provinces

04Exposure to Afflix portfolio of formalized trading and savings groups such as coffee farmers

05Banks can onboard users of the savings groups as bank customers

06Access to the Afflix Agency Banking Network assets for last mile disbursement and collection of cash to and from the Bank Ecosystem respectively


For Savers

01Easy to use digital platform for savings

02Fraud free platform to ensure safety of users savings

03Extended borrowing beyond available funds in the savings pool

04Seamless liquidation process on maturity of the savings round.

05Automated calculation of interests, sharing of shares and disbursements to mobile wallets or cash out at Afflix/Bank Agents

Afflix Payments MarketPlace

Our payment platform allows you to do payment processing through our Bill Payment platform. Our platform allows your to power payments between customers and merchants, merchants and their suppliers through account to account transfers within the bank. Other payment channels are also available.

We’re joining up the dots of the payments value chain. Adding Merchant Acquiring to our list of services means you’ll be able to accept card payments from Visa, MTN and Tigo/Airtel easily, via any channel that best suits your customers.

To make sure you can focus on what’s really important to your business, we’ll use only the best of breed technology to collect, manage, process and settle payments – plus you can use our payment gateway for a single integrated offering, if that’s what suits you best.



Our open API means we’re ready for your business. We offer transparent pricing along with excellent customer service.


We’ll connect you to the payments world through our Payments Gateway, MTN, Tigo/Airtel & Mastercard/Visa– all of which are in real-time.


Security is always our priority. We use the latest technology that’s built to ensure the highest level of security for our clients.

Supported Services

As a financial institution or vendor our API’s allows you to accept payment for

And get your customers instantaneously activated. Partners get paid a small commission on handle subscription payments

Afflix Unified Payment Gateway

Afflix builds the most powerful and flexible tools for cashless commerce. Whether you’re a financial institution, service provider, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a brick and platform, Afflix’s meticulously-designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product for your users.

Real time secure payments

We believe that payments should be open, connected and always done in real time. Using our APIs, our clients will be able to benefit from quick integration into the Rwanda Payments ecosystem, making payments fast and convenient for everyone.

Afflix Fintech MicroServices Ecosystem

We offer bespoke payment solutions for the lending, credit scoring and payments industry

Credit Assessment Tools

We have tools that help collect and analyse user information from your bank's data and other different sources such as government, network operators, Credit Bureaus and perform analysis on this data

Credit Scoring Engine

Our Machine Learning driven Credit scoring engines collects aggregates, analyses data and builds a credit scored based on data collected on customers. Our predictive data models can also depending on the depth of data given predict credit performance of users

Business Advisory Services

We are a business oriented company advising banks, coops and governments to migrate into the modern financial ecosystem
  • Transforming Core Banking Business

    We fully understand your business and help you to predict the its future when it comes to alternative financing, fintech and mobile solutions, branchless network, empower the retail market with our pay bill system and more.

  • Help Understand Your Customers

    We use a combination of big data and analytics to dig and help predict customer behaviors, spending patterns and what you can do to help meet your customer's expectations

  • Technical Advisory Services

    We advise on technology, what trends & best practices to monitor and follow when developing your technology and associated costs from vendors.

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